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Our Manifesto

Matahari is an Influence Agency specialising in beauty, health and lifestyle. We help brands, be they emerging or established, develop their visibility, build their reputation and grow their communities. We are here to shape your brand messaging and hone your product pitch and ultimately chart your path of influence.

Our method: a mindset

Ensuring a pertinent content, persisting with its distribution and engaging constantly.

We exceed your expectations by treating each of your messages like an event. From digital language to the narrative, we adapt your messaging to every audience, we invest in their virality by prioritizing personalization and we measure their impact.

Relations presse, Relations publiques, eRP, Community Manager


Press Relations

with our broad network and leading-edge tools, we guarantee, and measure, your press coverage.


or the art of engaging with blogs.


from concept to production,
we oversee every aspect of planning your events.

Social Media

from strategy to moderation,
we manage your e-reputation.


partnerships, co-branding, product placement.

The influence agency


Her name means sun in Javanese.

We work in the shadows to make your brands shine and radiate far and wide.

Her beauty.

She was slender with velvet-soft skin, silky, luxuriant hair, the picture of resplendence…

All qualities we promise for your brands. You are in safe hands with us.

Her stage presence.

We buff and polish the exposure given to your brands.


Alice Gribauval
The embodiment of scientific reasoning and ethics. Top of her game for finding the angle that strikes the target and defending major health causes amongst journalists.
Sophie Coront Ducluzeau
Previously with L’Oréal, she knows the agency inside out and always has one eye on your market.
Marine Simon
A true pro ! TV and radio are the media she masters with total aplomb and you can rest assured nothing escapes her notice.
Marion Aubé
As a true digital native, the web is her playing field. Online media, blogs and even VIPs, she nurtures her contacts so you don't have to.
Jean Baptiste Degant
The lead moderator of the team, he is there to boost your image on social media. And when he leaves for the day, he spends his evenings scouring the blogosphere !



11 Rue Boudreau
75009 Paris, France
+33 1 42 65 06 53